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Magneto Capital is committed to proactively managing vehicles with foresight across future markets and opportunities; we accurately approach, monitor and study the markets to anticipate trends to develop unique market solutions.

Our roots are strongly founded on foresight, proactivity and care due we understand that our products and vehicles are our best presentation for a business relationship. Our principles drive us to be responsible to our partners that are looking at our vehicles and being respective to all the stakeholders.

Business Areas


The foreign currency exchange market (Forex) is the largest single financial market in the world. Trading volume runs more than US$5 trillion per day, compared with less than US$100 billion for equities, according to data from the Triennial Bank Survey.

In recent years, technology has made it easier for smaller and more nimble companies to trade effectively in Forex markets on a level playing field with large banks, hedge funds and institutions. Until recently, most traders regarded the Forex markets as primarily a tool for hedging against unfavorable currency swings in international investments. But the investment community is increasingly coming to regard Forex as a distinct asset class in its own right. What’s more, Forex trading has historically had extremely low correlation with stocks, bonds or other traditional asset classes. This makes Forex a potentially valuable addition to any stock-heavy or bond-heavy portfolio. Magneto Capital takes advantage of the diversification benefit that Forex trading can provide, while also taking advantage of arbitrage capture, market mispricing and other tactical opportunities.

Startup &

An experienced and competent private equity services provider can support you with the day to day management and administration of your funds so that you can focus on the core operations of developing products or services for your clients that generate returns for your investors.

Private equity fund management:

Whether your fund(s) is starting its lifecycle, active and fully operational and expanding ok nearing its end of and liquidating, our management and administrative solutions can fulfill all the challenges of your business.

Commercial due diligence:

Due to our expertise in primary and secondary modes of research and econometric analysis, we are competent to support our client’s due diligence process in analyzing the attractiveness and competitiveness of a target’s industry. Consequently, we can point out the opportunities for growth and suggest strategies to mitigate the risks. Besides, we review and assist in the completion of diligence questionnaires and other supporting files.

Fund accounting:

Our scalable and very flexible fund accounting solutions reduce operational risks, promote rapid adoption and keep you up to date with all the necessary regulatory changes that might influence your day to day operations.

Portfolio and Performance analysis:

Our portfolio and performance analysis reports give you an accurate and concise picture of your portfolio’s results and composition. Our experts deliver the market’s most comprehensive and all-inclusive data sets. Our portfolio analysis is an internal procedure of control and measurement by paying close attention to the proper alignment of a firm’s physical envelope and its goals.


The primary objective of our Wealth Management services is to assist our investors on their journey toward achieving and then maintaining financial independence.

Magneto Capital recognizes that each investor has unique needs, so before working on-boarding an investor, time is taken to understand requirements and circumstances. This helps us build a customized vehicle for each investor, a specific way of investing in our ecosystem. We are aware that creating financial partnerships are good but believe in building a bond that goes far beyond that is far better. Our ultimate goal will be to re-evaluate priorities and fine-tune future strategies for our investors, consequently. Wealth Management is a vehicle of vehicles owned and managed in-house; our in-house investment advisor process helps and guides to properly manage your assets through Magneto Capital’s vehicles; our commitment is focused on financial benefit and goals. Therefore the very basic idea is to understand the very kind of wealth and to invest it accordingly to get a good rate of return.

Risk Management

Magneto Capital has developed a risk governance model based on the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework, in line with the relevant international best practices.
In the process of developing the operating model, the various business areas Finance & Operations, Insurance & Risk Assessment, Technology were taken into consideration with the aim of achieving an organic and overall vision able to harmonize the methods and tools supporting the risk management. The procedures developed constantly reinforce awareness, risk identification, knowledge and measurement are fundamental elements for all company operations. Great effort is then implemented in the construction of procedures aimed at containing the risk for daily financial operations, for the supporting infrastructures and for the relationships built with the partners.

Within the organization aimed at supervising and effectively handling Magneto Capital has started a process of procedures integration with the aim of ensuring greater governance of processes and making them more efficient.

In particular, within the Finance & Operations department, Magneto Capital has developed an operational approach whose objectives are to:

  • ensuring, through a structured and integrated process, the identification, assessment and monitoring of risks;
  • guarantee the security, consistency and official information flows between Magneto Capital, its operators and partners;
  • promote the spread of the risk management culture, to systematically manage the main risks of the organization and to identify potential opportunities;

The framework, which is based on an integrated (qualitative and quantitative) measurement model, makes it possible to monitor and manage risk on an increasingly informed basis. The following risks are actively monitored:

  • Strategic risks
  • Reputational risks
  • Financial risks
  • Operational risks
  • Out of compliance risks

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